Albany County Public Library


Miscellaneous Questions



The Circulation Desk accepts cash, checks, or debit cards / credit cards.


Staff at the Circulation Desk or Information-Station will send faxes for patrons.  A cover sheet is provided, free of charge.

  • Outgoing: $2 for first page / $1 for each additional page

  • Incoming: $.50 for each page 


The photocopier can scan and print in black-and-white or in color.

No charge for scans to a flashdrive - see the Information Desk for assistance.

A coin machine will accept change for copies. 

  • $ 0.10 for printer copies from Internet/word processing/catalog/ microfilm printer

  • $ 0.10 for letter and legal photocopies

  • $ 0.20 for ledger photocopies

  • $ 0.25 for color copies

Printing from the computer

Staff are happy to assist with printing.  A coin machine accepts change.

  • Black-and-white prints: $.10/page

  • Color prints: $.25/page

ILL (Inter-Library Loan fees)

ACPL charges $2.00 for each completed ILL.  This is to help pay the cost of postage. These fees must be paid when the patron checks out the book.



ACPL now provides free notary services. The notary is available: Tuesday-Thursday from 10AM-2PM and on Monday and Friday from 1PM-2PM. Make sure to bring identification.


If this has happened to you, you may:


call (307-721-2580 option 2)


email (


speak with us at the Circulation Desk. 


We will check the account, search for the book, and then discuss if more steps need to be taken to locate the item.



Computers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Patrons do not need to signup or have a library card to use the computers. 

The library offers:

  • 5 children's computers

  • 6 teen computers

  • 10 adult computers

  • 7 express computers

  • 2 dedicated-catalog computers

  • 1 3M Cloud computer (for browsing e-books)


Patrons are asked to use the honor-system if others are waiting for a computer.  Express terminals are generally for 15 minutes of use, Adult terminals are generally for 1 hour of use, and Teen/Children's computers are 30 minutes of use.

If you are a parent or guardian accompanying a young child, you may use the Internet on the computers in the children's area, in order to stay with your child.

How Do I Donate Books and Other Materials to the Library?

You may donate your books any time the library is open. Feel free to come in and ask for a two-wheel hand cart to move in your boxes. The donations cart is in the back of the library near our Information Station desk. Most donations are evaluated for sale by our Friends of the Library for their book sales. But some recent books, in excellent condition, are added to the library's circulating collection. 

Donors wishing make their donation tax deductible can pick up a receipt at the library.

Thanks for you donation!

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