(adopted 3/91; amended 6/93, 8/94, 10/96, 11/00, 2/01, 11/02, 6/04, 10/08, 11/08, reviewed and adopted 3/10, 5/13, 11/15)

I. General


As a public institution dedicated to the free expression of and open access to ideas from all points of view, the ACPL makes meeting rooms and exhibit space available at a reasonable cost, for the purpose of promoting and conducting lawful activities, on equal terms for all groups, regardless of their beliefs or affiliations.  Permission to use the library facilities does not constitute an endorsement of the group or its beliefs by the library staff, the board, or the county.

II. Procedures Governing the Use of Library A Meeting Room

A.  WHO MAY RESERVE THE ROOM? Any club, organization, business, group, or governmental agency providing services or operating in Albany County may reserve the room for a meeting, program, or exhibit.  All meetings must be open to the public unless personnel-related and approved by the Public Services or County Librarian.  Reservations are not available to individuals, or for private parties of any kind.  No group may assign or transfer its reservation to another group. 

B.  HOW OFTEN MAY A GROUP RESERVE THE ROOM?  Groups may request the use of the room for a series of meetings for a period of up to one year at a time. Requests for standing weekly, biweekly or monthly reservations must be submitted in writing or emailed to  Groups that reserve the room more often than once a month are limited to a 6-month period, after which they will need to find an alternative meeting space. 

C.  WHEN IS THE ROOM AVAILABLE?  The room may be reserved for any time it is not being used by the library staff or by another group, regardless of whether or not the library is open.   Reservations are made in two-hour blocks of time, with thirty additional minutes allowed for set up and thirty minutes allowed for breakdown.   Reservations will be on a first-come, first-served basis, with government elections and library-sponsored meetings having priority.

D.  IS THERE A FEE TO RESERVE THE ROOM? Units of federal, state, county, or city government do not pay a fee. University of Wyoming groups and both for-profit and not-for-profit groups shall pay a fee to reserve a room and to use the library’s AV-related equipment. Fees can be viewed on the library website and are based on a two-hour block. The fee must be paid before the group is given access to the room. The fee will be waived for organizations (not individuals) making substantial gifts (over $500) in cash, goods, or services to the library, within one year of the gift. 

E.   ARE WALK-INS ALLOWED?  Both groups and individuals may use the meeting room on an unreserved, walk-in basis, dependent upon availability.  There is no fee for walk-in use, but all other room policies and procedures apply. Walk-ins are not allowed when the library is closed. 

F.  WHAT ELSE IS REQUIRED TO USE A ROOM?  A valid Wyoming library card is required in order to use the meeting room, regardless of whether or not a fee is charged or a reservation has been made. Exceptions may be made by the Public Services or the County Librarian on a case by case basis.

G. HOW DO I KNOW IF I HAVE RESERVED THE ROOM? The library will contact the organization or group by phone or email, notifying them if the event has been approved and providing additional needed information. 

III. Rules and Regulations for Meeting Room Activities

Nonprofit organizations with Tax ID numbers on filemay hold fundraisers and/or charge for supplies or for admission to their programs. For-profits or not-for-profit organizations without a tax ID may not.

For-profit organizations may not hold commercial meetings in the rooms, i.e. sales meetings, product demonstrations, order taking, etc.

Users shall furnish all supplies, such as coffee, napkins, paper cups, plates, chalk, paper, masking tape, scotch tape, etc.

Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted.

City ordinance requires that food be professionally prepared or store bought; otherwise a temporary food permit from the City of Laramie is required.  The food permit must be presented to staff prior to the meeting and must be posted on the wall of the room for the duration of the meeting.  No food shall be offered for sale in the meeting room or on library grounds.

Users may use the library’s specified equipment for use at a meeting or event. AV-related equipment is available only during hours when the library is open. There is an additional charge for groups using AV equipment. A staff member must be available to supervise the set-up and instruct the group on proper use of the equipment. Non-technology related equipment is available regardless of whether the library is open or closed. There is no additional fee for non-technology related equipment. A request for AV equipment must be made at the time of the reservation request. ACPL will not be held responsible for equipment that unexpectedly fails to operate properly.

A single key that opens the outside front door, the foyer door, and the meeting rooms is available for groups wishing access to the meeting room when the library is closed.  Groups are responsible for checking out a key on a valid Wyoming library card and picking up a room checklist in advance of their event.  They are responsible for locking the doors and leaving the key and the checklist in a secure, pre-designated place when they leave. 

If the meeting extends after library hours, the group is responsible for turning off all lights, including lights in the restrooms, and for making sure the building is empty and all doors closed and locked securely.  Groups are responsible for any damage to the library as a result of the group's not securing the building upon exiting.

Groups will be given a checklist/map before entering the room and are responsible for checking that things are in order before their meeting begins.  Any issues should be reported to staff immediately.  Groups are responsible for restoring the room to its neutral condition before leaving, and should complete the checklist and turn it in to a staff member before departing.   Restoring the room to neutral means that conference tables are folded and stacked on the table car; chairs are stacked properly on the chair carts; all pieces of furniture are back in their original position as noted on the map; lights in all areas are off, floors are swept or vacuumed, the sink is clean, and all doors are closed and latched.  Groups not restoring the room to its neutral position will be charged for any cleaning fees or other expenses directly charged to the library.  Their account will also be noted with a “strike”.  Regardless of any advance reservations made, any group that acquires two such strikes will no longer be allowed to use the room.

Children must be supervised at all times, with a child to adult ratio of no less than 10:1. 

 The library is not responsible for any accidents, injury, or loss of property which may occur in connection with use of the meeting room. 

 The library retains the right to take photos of participants at all public meetings, and to use them at its discretion, consistent with its general policies.

 The library retains the right to cancel meetings for reasons related to safety, weather, utilities or disruption of library operations. If the library closes due to an emergency, all reservations are canceled.  The library will make reasonable efforts to inform groups of the closing.

Persons attending the meeting are subject to all library rules and regulations, and agree to comply with all current city/county/state regulations regarding food, noise, or other regulated community standards. Groups shall forfeit their right use the room if they abuse these policies.

Groups are responsible for any library property that is broken or damaged as a result of their meeting.

Users shall sign an agreement.

IV. Additional Rules and Regulations for Conference Room Use

Priority is given to ACPL staff for use of the conference room.

The conference room is available on a case-by-case basis. Organizations and groups may reserve the conference room with approval from the Public Relations Specialist or County Librarian.

Groups who receive approval to reserve the conference room must also complete a Conference Room Application form located on the library website and submit it to

Conference room meetings are not required to be open to the public.

Use of conference room technology is available on a limited basis with approval from the Public Relations Specialist or County Librarian. Your group will be charged if equipment is missing or there are problems with the technology that was used. 

V. Rules and Regulations for Co-Sponsorship of Events

ACPL staff members can co-sponsor organization and group events that are related to the staff member's position.

The Public Relations Specialist or County Librarian must approve co-sponsorships.

The staff representative co-sponsoring the event is solely responsible for handling logistics and requests from the organization or group.

Organizations that are approved for co-sponsorship are exempt from reservation fees.

Teen groups can reserve the meeting room. The Youth Services Librarian or Young Adult Specialist must approve all teen groups interested in reserving the meeting room for co-sponsorship. Teen groups must have an adult(s) of at least 21 years of age who is willing to sign the meeting room application and take responsibility for any problems or damage to the meeting room.