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High Plains Seed Library

About Us:

Simply put: a library for seeds.  Our seed library works just like a regular library, except we lend seeds instead of books.  The basic idea is that you borrow seeds and plant them, let some plants go to seed, and then return some of these next generation seeds to the library for others to borrow. You do not need a library card to borrow seeds (but you’ll want one to check out gardening books!) and there are no due dates or fines.

The goal of the High Plains Seed Library is to create a resource of shared seeds that are well adapted to our climate and growing conditions. 

There are many varieties and plant types currently in our collection.  Please be warned that not all of these are acceptable for our climate without season extenders, starting indoors before the growing season, or for growing without a greenhouse.

Visit the library events calendar or visit the High Plains Seed Library Facebook for seed saving workshops, volunteer opportunities, and other events.


How to Check Out Seeds

  1. Fill out membership form.  These can be found at the Information desk.
  2. Pick up seed checkout form from the Information desk.
  3. Gather seeds and complete the checkout form with the varieties you are checking out. Planting information cards can be found in the binder, if needed.
  4. Return checkout form to Information desk.
  5. Plant your seeds!  Remember to save some for your future use as well as to return to the library.
  6. Please be considerate when checking out seeds and limit the number of packets checked out. In order to maintain our collection, please save seeds to return to our library. 
  7. As your seed saving knowledge increases, you may begin to save seeds that use more advanced techniques

How to Return Seeds

  1. Grow and save seeds according to your knowledge and level of experience. Seed saving workshops are offered by the High Plains Seed Library on a regular basis. The library also has reference materials on seed saving available for check-out.
  2. Return only dry, clean seeds that can be easily sorted and packaged. Seeds only, no plant material or chaff.  Take pride in your donations!  Unused commercial seed is always accepted in addition to saved seeds. Small envelopes or Ziploc bags are appropriate for seed donations.
  3. Fill out seed intake form.
  4. Return intake form and seeds to the information desk at the library. 
  5. Donate cash, if you wish, to support next year’s seed library.
  6. Only return seeds from the categories you are comfortable saving.
  7. In order to maintain the integrity of our collection, please do not save or donate seeds from hybrid plants.  Hybrid seeds in our collection are marked accordingly.


Seed Saving Brochure

Great Books in the Library:

Seed to Seed: Seed Saving and Growing Techniques for Vegetable Gardeners

The complete guide to saving seeds: 3212 vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits, trees, and shrubs

We have many more resources available for checkout. Please visit the library catalog to search. 


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